New Fiction/Nonfiction Editor Joins The Pen Woman


By Sarah Honenberger

Greetings from new Fiction and Nonfiction Editor Sarah ‘Sally’ Honenberger.

Over the last decade, the talented and creative Virginia Pen women have inspired me to reimagine the Fiction/Nonfiction section in The Pen Woman as a pathway to increased communication about writing itself. I need your help so that these pages continue to celebrate our diverse talents and the power of words.

Sally Honenberger
Sarah Honenberger

By way of introduction, my writing career is checkered: a neighborhood newsletter at age 9, roving campus feature writer at Smith College, co-editor of my law school weekly, four award-winning novels, one Pen Faulkner selection, and a smorgasbord of short stories in lit mags. Although my online nickname is “Fierce Red Pen,” my writing students re-enroll, citing excitement about honing their skills.

Beginning with the Winter 2022 issue of The Pen Woman, we’ll add a themed call for submissions or a writing prompt, with links through the blog and our Facebook page to share online and offer supportive feedback. Between issues, you’ll have time to select from your writing or compose pieces that match the themed call.

Accepted selections will showcase stylistic excellence and content relevant to artists and writers in the 21st century. The ongoing submission of articles and stories are also welcome. Submit or direct questions to me at

The Winter 2022 themed call is “Firsts.” Share your strongest opening paragraph. Fiction or nonfiction.
Every email submission subject line should include:

  • Title of the story or article or the themed call (i.e., Firsts)
  • Category (i.e., F or NF)
  • Word count

This format will assist record-keeping and ensure each submission receives a timely reply. As before, in the message itself please note your Pen Women branch and paste the submitted piece.

If you have any trouble with the league address above, you are welcome to write me at editmore2@hotmail, but please reference NLAPW in the subject line. I’m eager to hear from each of you.

And finally, a reminder: The deadline for the Winter 2022 issue is approaching fast, November 14. I am still accepting and eager to read fiction and nonfiction submissions for this issue and beyond—submissions before the deadline are greatly appreciated.


  1. Mary Patricia Canes says:



    What a fine idea and it will be interesting to read the results from various members.

    Do you belong to the Alexandria Branch or are you in another in Virginia Branch?

    Mary Patricia Canes
    Fourth Vice President

    • Thank you for connecting. My branch is Chesapeake Bay, which includes Tappahannock through Gloucester and Yorktown to Williamsburg, very diverse talents. I lived in Alexandria before I married and we raised our children in Orange, VA, a small town we chose after our own suburban childhoods.
      I’ll be hoping for feedback from everyone, even our composer members who I hope will hear music in the posted writings, as music often inspires writers. Please call me Sally, my nickname since the fifties.

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