Members of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. are becoming increasingly concerned with our corporate responsibility as stated in Sarbanes/Oxley rulings mandating that all corporations be as transparent as possible and that the highest ethical standards be maintained in all dealings.

Our bylaws now have strict disciplinary regulatory provisions, but all of us, engaged as we are in creative pursuits, need a guide to help maintain respect for and awareness of the moral impact of our individual actions on our group image.

The National Executive Board (in April 2012 renamed Board of Directors) adopted the following Code of Ethics to which all members will subscribe. It is a code of personal honor and integrity which will ensure that these standards are upheld.

Code of Ethics for the National League of American Pen Women, Inc.

Adopted June 21, 2008

Members of the National League of American Pen Women will strive at all times:

•            to exercise professional integrity in service rendered to the League;

•            to know and abide by the bylaws, standing rules, and procedures established by the League;

•            to fulfill one’s commitments as a member;

•            to improve one’s knowledge of the League’s history and mission;

•            to increase public understanding of the mission and vision of the League;

•            to maintain dignified and honorable relationships with fellow members;

•            to avoid any conduct or activity that would cause harm to the League.