Featured Poem: Nightingales

By Anne Ring
LaJolla Branch, California


On that evening in July
As twilight cast its spell all over London
And ticking, clicking hands of time were stilled
Were there no throbbing songs of nightingales
Piercing the clear air
And why
Were you not there?
As slowly night came sauntering by
Stealing twilight from the sky
Blazing brilliant stars gazed down
Summers bright celestial crown!
Still no nightingale was heard
And from your lips there was no word
Were you not there?
I watched the lovers in the square
Whisper together pair by pair
Were you not there?
I knew again our quiet stroll,
And felt the anguish in my soul!
Were you not there?
When you, when you, when you were there
There was magic in the air,
When you, when you, when you were there
Nightingales sang everywhere.


  1. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Anne, this is a beautiful poem, beautifully sad. It aches with sadness, written with such feeling. Congratulations! You have a talent that I hope you keep sharing with many, many. Extraordinary!

    • Lois: Unrelated but I’ve been trying to send you an email from the NLAPW writeditor mailbox and the national server won’t deliver it. Can you send me an email with your correct email address at my public hotmail inbox: editmore2. If you would include the status of your submissions to the former editor it would be helpful for the missing info in the records I’ve inherited. Thanks, Sarah/Sally

  2. Brenda Layman says:


    You made the feeling of loss tangible through the imagery of night. Beautifully done.
    Thank you for sharing.

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