Featured Art: Carribean Colors

image of the painting

“Caribbean Colors” by Pamela Webb, Cape Canaveral Branch (Florida)


Pamela Webb and Deborah Wyche (friend and donor to the Cape Canaveral Branch) attended a poetry workshop by Donna Puglisi, president of the branch. Puglisi asked Webb to bring one of her paintings as inspiration for the workshop participants. During this collaborative event, Wyche created the following poem, “The Lizard on a Shutter,” based on her impression of the painting.


The Lizard on a Shutter

By Deborah Wyche

Caribbean colors orange, green, yellow and white,

Flowers, trees and plants profuse and so bright.


The shutter opens inward to a darkened room,

Compared to the garden, there’s no light to loom.


The little lizard rests on the shutter,

If you listen closely you can hear him mutter.


Shall I go in or stay right here?

Once inside may not get out I fear.


It’s cooler and dark I’ll miss the sun,

The cat might catch me and I’ll be done!


As much as I would love to explore,

All of the dangers I can’t ignore.


So for now around the corner I’ll peek,

Other adventures I’ll have to seek.


From here in the garden I mustn’t stray,

I’m happy and safe, and here I’ll stay.



  1. “Caribbean Colors” is spectacular, Pam. LOVE the colors. I attended Donna’s workshop which was both fun and challenging. I never noticed the “Lizard on a Shutter” and am delighted by Deborah’s poem and the way she expressed the lizards dilemma with such human feelings.

    Nice work!!!!


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