Featured Poem: Autumn Splendor

By Anne Bonner
Cape Canaveral Branch, Florida


Autumn winds blowing

    Through the tall trees

Glimpses of red and gold

   Floating oak leaves

Birds on the wing in the

    Cloudless blue sky

Dipping, turning

    Waving goodbye

Away from the city’s clamor

    Perfect escape

To paint the beautiful

    Autumn landscape

Capturing on canvas nature

   For all to see

Forever etched in my heart and

    My memory


  1. Cindy Foley says:

    Lovely poem, Anne. Last week, I cried when I left upstate New York. The fall always stirs me deeply – as did your poem. I remember pressing leaves between wax paper, climbing apple trees and eating ’til we burst, corn fields, trick-or-treating on glittering starry nights. I can see the oak leaf frittering to the ground on a crisp autumn day.

  2. Thank you Ann!
    Your stirring poem “Autumn Splendor” breathes the breathless beauty of autumn. It takes me back to my roots and the clear cool autumn days when I lived on Long Island, New York.

  3. rose says:

    “Cloudless skies”, to me, is an impeccable choice of words, speaking, as it does, of the subtle ways those rare days of low humidity and cool breeze in Florida can affect our senses. Felicitations Anne!

  4. Donna Puglisi says:

    ‘Tis the season for beautiful autumn! Your images remind me of the beautiful fall colors and feelings from my youth in Wisconsin. Thank you, Anne!

  5. Bill and Debbie Akridge says:

    Bill and Debbie Akridge says:

    We are ready for the hot and humid summer to end and this poem describing autumn puts us in the mood. Good job, Anne!

  6. Brenda Layman says:


    I love your poem! You have done a brilliant job of capturing the imagery, rhythm, and experience of a perfect fall day. Thank you for sharing.

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