Featured Poem: Ode to Nancy Dafoe

By Bobbie Dumas Panek
Central New York Branch

Nancy Dafoe —

you rock and roll.

Thank you for all of your time

generally, my poems don’t rhyme.

You are gracious and kind

your creativity — sublime.

You have done so much for our branch

my favorite dressing is Ranch (sorry you know me, gotta be weird).

Seriously, we all adore you, are fortunate to know you

impressed with your poetry, essays, fables and books

even your looks—can’t believe you aren’t silver like some of us.

Encourager, entrepreneur, energetic and fun

your two years are up and now that they’re done

stay close to us, lady, continue to be

such a cool friend and Pen Woman, how lucky are we.


  1. Sheila Byrnes says:

    Creative tribute to a very talented and creative woman. Nancy encourages everyone one she meets. The Central New York Branch is blessed to have Bobbie and Nancy as members.

  2. Janet Fagal says:

    A lovely, tribute, Bobbie. Nancy surely is a creative wonder with her writing and encouraging, energy and support.

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