Featured Poem: November

By Donna Puglisi
Cape Canaveral Branch, Florida



November exhales her chilly breath,

blowing hard, a prelude to December’s icy grip.

Teasingly, she blends with fall’s sunshine and warmth,

then turns her cheek away,

not to be kissed by summer’s romantic

days or autumn’s glowing colors.


Full of promise, November whispers

through corn fields, those sleeping children in their beds

of dry husks.

November’s winds blow across the land,

scattering leaves, making way for

December’s snowy blanket.


Harvests of gold, plates full of holiday cheer,

She smiles on families gathered together

celebrating her bounty and grace.


Queen of Thanksgiving and love,

November exits for winter’s frigid smile,

Dressed in a gown of ice and snow.


  1. You transport your readers, Donna, a true talent.

    I couldn’t help but laugh about

    “…winter’s frigid smile,
    Dressed in a gown of ice and snow.”

    Sounds like August here in Sweden where I now live. 🙂

  2. Barbara Rios says:

    Donna, you have an amazing gift to describe and interpret everything so eloquently. Words that are candy to the ear as paint is to the eye.

    • Donna Puglisi says:

      Thank you, Barbara! You should know! You’re a terrific artist. Your canvas is a different one than mine, but it’s still art, any way you look at it. I love candy.

  3. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! I love the way you painted the seasons so colorfully. You are a word artist. Thank you for this stunning poem.

    • Donna Puglisi says:

      Wow! A word artist has her own canvas. The world is her canvas and the Almighty Pen! Thank you, Lois!

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