Final Quest

By Judith McGinn
Central New York Branch


I’m quarantined in Middle-earth on a cold, wintry day.

If Bilbo Baggins happened by, I wonder what he’d say

about his quest that changed the world. Bilbo, that’s old news.

You need a fresh adventure. I’ll offer you my views.

There are no Trolls or Dragons here, no Orcs to foil your plans.

The only things you have to fear are from the species man.


Demagogues and despots, and some corporate CEOs

peddle lies to masses, “Climate change is all a hoax.”

Fires, floods and hurricanes more frequent and severe

create climate refugees, more numerous each year.

They plunder land for fossil fuel, poison earth and air,

contaminate our water sources far beyond repair.


Plastic fills the oceans, threatens life therein.

Destruction borne of avarice and indifference.

Rain forests are ravaged for palm oil, infused in food and more,

products we all use daily. But unlike dinosaurs,

we know survival of life on Earth hangs on the next ten years.

What can one small hobbit do? Bilbo’s eyes grow wide with fear.


You’re famous in this facile world, and that’s your magic ring.

Join Greta Thunberg, Bill McKibben, and their ilk to bring

attention ‘round the world that we can wait no longer

to save planet Earth. People bound as one are so much stronger.

Each must search within for faith in god, in self, or fate.

Unite to stop this madness. It is almost too late.


  1. Virginia Nygard says:

    Thank you! My sentiments exactly! We’ve seen the erosion of all decent values that made us a leadership nation. What happened? Greed. Vanity. Intolerance.

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