Film photography by Susan Buzzi

“Cacti” by Susan S. Buzzi, Fort Lauderdale Branch (Florida)
Film photography, 30×40

From the artist:

“As an arts educator and coach practitioner working with at-risk youth struggling with depression and substance abuse, as well as victims of crime, I often use expressive therapies to overcome adversity and to build confidence and trust. The arts can be magical, indeed!

I choose the traditional photography film format at the onset of my personal projects, develop the film by hand in the darkroom, and occasionally reverse the printing with positive negatives. With these basic techniques, I am able to preserve the actual photographic process and capture specific moments prior to the shutter trip.

With my environmental subject matter, the focus is always directed toward simplicity and natural beauty for the viewer to experience. The opportunity to enjoy one’s surroundings and to be mindful in everyday living has become essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outdoors, nature, and feeling the sun and breeze can make all the difference.”


  1. Diane McDonough says:

    Beautiful close-up capture of a moment in time; crisp, lovely colors. Superb shot.

  2. Linda W. Ostrander says:

    This is so beautiful. As a New Englander moved to NM I have been very taken with the flora and fauna.. I am a writer, composer and sometime painter. Thank you for posting this.

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