Featured Poem: The Hospice Butterfly

By Marcy Von Kohorn
Vero Beach Branch, Florida


Crossing a covered bridge over a pond

With waterlilies and goldfish flitting between the rocks

A tranquil setting to visit those at the end of life

Barely conscious with nursing care

With morphine to ease the pain

The sadness of parting hard to bear

It feels unreal. It feels unfair

That a butterfly will appear on their door


The “House,” a place of comfort and peace

A white sofa of a cheerful print

With a baby grand piano to play

And fresh flowers everyday

Original paintings on the wall

For those who will have a butterfly on the door


A cozy kitchen with hot homemade soup

And comfort food on the stove

Ready for those for whom it would suit

A wood burning fireplace for family and friends

And for those who will have a butterfly on the door


Every passing has a story

With the close of every life

Some lives end in peace

And some with years of strife

From the body we so cherish the soul will find release

And a butterfly will appear on the door

Our dear one will live in our heart evermore



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