Pen Women Artists, Submit Your Art to be Featured!

Active, associate and allied art professionals, you are invited to submit your work for publication in the Pen Woman and on the NLAPW website!

As the new art editor, I do not have a backlog of unused images. Even if you have submitted work in the past, please feel free to submit images and articles now.

Lucy Arnold

Art editor Lucy Arnold

There is no submission fee, no deadline, and no limit to how often you may submit.

I cannot promise that your work will be published, but all submissions will receive serious consideration. All submissions will also be considered for the cover art for the magazine.

We have the following opportunities for art members:
• Short article (with photo) about an individual piece of work.
• Longer article (with photos) about a body of work, or your personal artistic journey or inspiration.
“In the Studio” article focusing on your process, accompanied by a few photos of work in progress and completed work.
Featured Art on the NLAPW website (with or without a short article)

To submit:

Select your best work and email low-resolution digital images to I will request larger, hi-resolution files if we decide to publish your work, and will provide help with writing articles, if needed.

In your email, please include:

a. Your name
b. Branch (please note: we can only feature the work of current members)
c. Your website URL, if applicable
d. Image title, medium, size
e. A brief statement about yourself, the artwork and why you think it should be featured
f. An article, if you are submitting one

If you have any questions, please email me at I’ll be glad to help.

Best wishes to you,

Lucy Arnold, Golden Gate-Marin Branch
NLAPW Art Editor


  1. Congratulations, Lucy! It will be great having you working as art editor for publications. I enjoyed meeting you at the Biennial and feel very enthusiastic about your taking on this role. I will be working on getting some entries sent to you. Warmly, Gail

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Dear Lucy, Congratulations on your new post! I know you’ll be blessed as you receive samples of great art and meet/speak with artists in our organization. I’ll certainly consider what art I can contribute in the weeks ahead. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

    All the best to you as you embark on this new venture!

    Linda Bridges, VP from the Pikes Peak Branch

  4. Judy Barnett says

    What a great idea!

  5. Lucy, Lucy!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
    The new Art Editor of NLAPW??????
    Was excited to see that familiar face in its new

    You will add, no doubt, a breath of new life
    and creative energy to this wonderful organization.

    I remain supportive but still on the ‘fringes’… doing much
    traveling ‘back and forth’ to Hawaii til the Lava covered
    all our favorite spots?Now it’s back and forth to
    New Mexico and the beautiful mtns./pines of Nevada
    City, CA.
    My Best to you and the artistic bunch up in Marin. And best of
    luck to you, oh creative wonder?Lucy

    • Lovely to hear from you, Eileen! I’m so glad to know that you’re still involved in NLAPW. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. I’m sure it also serves you well in all your creative endeavors.