Featured Poem: Canvas of Life

Barbara Clarke
Atlanta Chapter


Life’s journey is played out beginning on the upper part of the canvas

bright colors are intermingled at the entrance of a new soul.

Love between us is heighten with hues of a symphony of emotions

when we welcome a new being into our fold.


In times of despair and downtrodden state of affairs

dark cacophony of colors swirl around us and

we strive to live above ordinary circumstances that

drag us down to the bottom of the canvas.


It is the Creator that lives within us that provides

the White Spirit to push on through the grey abyss

of troubles and tribulations that plague us in this canvas life.


When your soul is bleak and the canvas has you stifled

where your creativity seems to have subsided,

you stumble around not being able to bring forth. . . 


a friend calls with yellow enlightenment and words of promise

encouraging you to pick up your brush and paint pushing through,

you then see the rainbow that shines through friendship

propelling you to move higher up the canvas

breathing life into the continuation of your masterpiece.


The ups and downs of canvas life are captured in your journal,

it holds your most heartfelt sentiments and feelings

about this journey you’re treading on. You paint in your journal

expressions and impressions, memoirs as you move on down

the canvas of life. You speak in your journal about the

emotional highs and lows that ebb and flow from living.


When one looks into your journal after you have moved on

into the other realm; gaining insight and a glimpse of the

picture you painted expressing your innermost secrets

and emotions about the canvas of life. They take your memoirs

and hold them in their hearts and keep you alive forevermore

from the picture you created on your journey collage.


It is a way of safekeeping you high up on the canvas

for the picture you painted is held within their view

never forgetting the journey you made

and the love they held for you



  1. WOW! This is SO TRUE! Reminds me of the women and what we did at the art retreat I attended in Austin, TX.

  2. Creatively written by one who is blessed by the Creator. Your words speak loudly and brightly as we journey through this life. Congratulations! It is beautifully written.

  3. This beautifully-authored poem is a delight to read and even portrays how my life and journey has been as a Civil Rights Activists and leader in my native city, a supporter of Education of others, opportunities for other authors and avid readers, lover of the Arts for musical-stage plays, for a filmed movie from my own copyrighted publication. I do love this great poem. Congratulations to the writer!

  4. Dorothy Kamm says

    Wonderful analogy and word play!

  5. Barbara, What an accurate verbal painting of life. The Creator is shinning through his “Creative.”

  6. so much of any artist is the hidden secrets on the canvas or within the words or within the musical notes. Thanks for sharing your poem and your creativity.