Poem of the Week–I am a Bubble

I am a Bubble

Sometimes easily burst, other times, not.
I can linger around and just float into space, without direction
Or I can land heavily and drop onto someone for anchorage.

I can be colorful—tinges and hues of reds, pinks, blues;
Transparent, translucent, opaque.
I don’t mind being transparent for I like to be sociable.

One very special bubble-strong and firm showed me the ‘light’ to persevere and to ‘hang’ in there.
I felt love and confident to move on.

I’m flying and enjoy floating with other bubbles.
I re-explored ‘new’ horizons that were really explored previously.
Passing the time on old territory helped me see that I had total control of the situation, rather than being controlled by it.

I’m a happy bubble and have been all day.

Vera Ripp Hirschhorn
Boca Raton Branch, FL

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  1. Sandra Seaton Michel says:

    An interesting poem. Has enough vagueness to make me
    wonder and a touch of humor to make me smile. Nicely done.

  2. marlene klotz says:

    Vera, you have done it again. I think you know that I admire all your
    poetry. ..this poem poem is just one more reason to validate the
    beauty of the words you express and the sensitive nature of your
    subjects. I love to read what you have written and it made me
    happy to read your poem today. Thanks for sharing

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