Flash Fiction–In or Out

In or Out?

From his wheelchair, Bob reached for the doorknob and dropped his hand.

Jay, his caregiver, leaned over his shoulder. “Aren’t we going in?”

“I can’t face them.” Bob looked at his legs. “What will they think of me, now?”

“As the strong man they knew and loved,” Jay said.

Bob shouted, “Look at me. I can’t walk into the room. Turn around,” he snapped. “We’re out of here.”

“Tough,” Jay said. “We’re going in.” He pushed Bob to the door.

Bob turned the knob and heard cheers from the men in the room. “Welcome back, coach.”

Margaret Leis Hanna
Central Ohio Branch, OH

Thank you to all our veterans who served our country and our freedom.


  1. Lynne Smokler-Grossman says

    Touching! Great ending.

  2. Thanks Treanor for posting In or Out? It is fitting for Veterans’ Day.

  3. That’s really cool for today.

  4. marlene klotz says

    An entire range of human emotions captured in 100 words!
    Kudos to Ms. Hanna. She painted a picture of a heart wrenching
    situation with understanding and sensitivity.

  5. Brenda Layman says

    Great story! I love the ending.