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2019 Vinnie Ream Medal Winners


Jamie Tate | Delta Branch (MS), “Waiting on the River,” acrylic on canvas


Janine DeBaise | Central New York Branch, The Space Between”


Candace Long | Atlanta Branch, “Tsunami”

2017 Vinnie Ream Medal Winners


Medal winner (fiction)

Concetta Ciccozzi Doucette

Title: “Inside a Keyhole Looking Out!”

Second Place (poetry)

Karen McAferty Morris

Title: “Elemental”

Third Place (memoir)

Cia Chester McKoy

Title: “Poking Chocolates & Other Rude Habits (en route to the Sweet Life)”

Honorable Mentions for Fiction

Sara Baker (novel)

Title: “Secrets at Dillehay Crossing”

JoAnn Hinrichs — pen name Jody Glittenberg (historical fiction)

Title: The Promise Seed: Saving Mother Earth

Brenda Layman (short story)

Title: Kentucky “Wonder Beans”

Margaret Lukas (fiction)

Title: “River People”

Catherine A. Witek (historical novel)

Title: “The Trial of Misella Cross”

Honorable Mentions for Nonfiction

Diane Chambers (memoir)

Title: “Fragile Minds: Encountering Mental Illness, An Advocate’s Story”

Karen Foresti Hempson (non-fiction)

Title: “The Immigrant Healer, The Story of Giovannina Ruggiero Foresti”

Judy Madsen Johnson (non-fiction)

 Title: “A Memoir, The Journey Home”

Kathleen Langan (memoir)

Title: “Checking My Rear View Mirror: 90 Plus Years of Memories

Connie Spittler (non-fiction)

Title: “Rock of Ages”

Honorable Mentions for Poetry

Barbara Ehrentreu

Title: “You’ll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal – Poems of Loss”

Alice G. Eby Hall

Title: “Poetic Prophetic Biographies”

Linda Mohr

Title: “The Voice Within”

JoAnna O’Keefe

Title: “A Deeper Place”

Pat Underwood

Title: “Wild Flowers”


Medal winner (sculptures)

Shirley Wyrick

Title: “Free Flow”

Second Place

Nancy Nesvik

Title: “Sew Many Possibilities”

Third Place

Barbara Paul Selby

Title: “Woman”

Works of Distinction

Francesca Tabor-Miolla (mixed media)

Title: “Obsessive Compulsion”

Melissa Woodburn (fine art)

Title: “Before Words Form”


Medal winner

Mary K. (Mimi) Jackson

Title: “Sympathy”

Second Place

Elaine Erickson

Title: “New Horizons for string orchestra and piano”

Third Place

Mary K. (Mimi) Jackson

Title: “The Slave’s Complaint”


Medal winner

Dorothy Kamm

Title: “Birds of Florida”

Second Place

Sandy Huff

Title: “Biltmore”

2015 Vinnie Ream Competition Award Winners

Art Competition

1st Place: Mt. McKinley, by Judy Bingman
2nd Place: Free Ranging, by Anna Bellenger
3rd Place: Whispers of Grace, by Jamie Tate

Works of Merit: Honorable Mention:
Ethereal Spirits, by Susanne Schuenke St. Francis, by Pat Discas
Symbolica, by Carolina Mueller Ammonite Wave, by Judith Gentile
Brenna – the Selkie, by Pat Discas Aurora Borealis, by Judy Bingman

Letters Competition

1st Place: “Dorothy Scott: WASP Pilot” (Non-Fiction [Biography]) Sarah Byrn Rickman
2nd Place: “Corpus Homini: A Poem for Single Flesh” (Poetry) Sofia M. Starnes
3rd Place: “Angel Wings and Totems” (Fiction) Sandy Huff

Honorable Mention:
“The Tenement” (Fiction) Barbara Bixon
“Springing Grandpa” (Fiction) Susan Livingston
“A Medal for Dr. Mary” (Non-Fiction) Polly Craig
“My Lebanese Father and Mother’s Immigration” (Non-Fiction) Sophia Baldwin
“Doubt: The Many Faces of Hope” (Poetry) Linda Newman Woito
“Body Language” (Poetry) Mary Jedlicka Humston

Music Competition

1st Place: “Trinity Alps” Nancy Duessen
2nd Place: “Waters of Transformation” Sheila Firestone
3rd Place: “Vinnie Ream for Solo Piano” Grace Reid

Multi-Discipline Competition

1st Place: Children’s Book, Lonely Lola Lady Bug Mary Jo Beswick
2nd Place: “New Travels with a Blue Vase” Mary Ann Miller
3rd Place: “Hawaiian Time” Cornelia DeDona

Honorable Mention:
“Places Spaces and Stirrings from the Heart” Susan Buzzi
“The auDeo Story: A Composer’s Journey” Candace Long