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A Different Kind of Outreach

From The Pen Woman, Spring 2022

artist working on collage By Barbara Dunham, Pensacola Branch President Emerita

An informal collage group grows into an outreach effort for the Pensacola Pen Women.

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Pamela Olin Has Gone to the Dogs

(Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

From The Pen Woman, Spring 2021

By Wilma Davidson, Sarasota Branch

For the last few years, Pamela Olin has been one of several artists honored to have volunteered hundreds of hours to create the superhero dog and puppy statues around the Sarasota area.

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Thriving as a Composer and Musician in the COVID Age

From The Pen Woman, Spring 2021

Virtual meeting By Kathy Pate, Music Editor

As we enter our second year of the COVID-19 era, we are having to reinvent ourselves in almost every arena of life. Performing our compositions is morphing into a more online venture. Music members are finding new ways to connect with like-minded composers who face similar issues.

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Entrepreneurial Artist Makes the Most of the Pandemic

From The Pen Woman, Winter 2021

A view from Landis’ GoPro camera By Lois Perdue, Fort Lauderdale Branch

When Christine Landis’ art classes were canceled at the beginning of the pandemic in March, she had to find new ways to jumpstart her teaching career. Although learning about virtual technology was new to her, she got up to speed — and her online teaching took off.

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Women’s Lib (or the 19th Amendment Celebration)

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2020

By Nancy B. Burke

Last winter, a committee of 12 Greenwich Pen Women met to discuss submissions for the 100th anniversary celebration of the 19th Amendment — following an inspiring talk by Greenwich resident Coline Jenkins, the great-great granddaughter of suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Greenwich Branch member Nancy B. Burke shared this essay for the group.

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2020

By Dorothy Atkins, Santa Clara County Branch

As a person of color, Dorothy Atkins “had to navigate prejudice and racism” because of the color of her skin — not because of her character, her values, or her patriotism. She shares some of her memories in this profound essay.

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How to Look Like a Pro in a Videoconferencing Meeting

From The Pen Woman, Summer 2020

videoconference screenBy Rodika Tollefson, The Pen Woman Editor, Member-at-Large

Videoconferencing has become wildly popular in times of social distancing. Everything from elected officials’ meetings to yoga is going to Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WebEx, etc. Rodika Tollefson provides tips on how to be your (digital) best in a video meeting.

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Why Become a Pen Woman?

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2019

By Donna Puglisi, Cape Canaveral Branch

Donna Puglisi shares brief insights into how the prestigious NLAPW helps professional women in all aspects of the arts to network with fellow artists and expand their horizons. “Sharing our ideas and creative talents, there is no limit to what we can do,” she writes.

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Raison D’être

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2018

 By Nancy Dafoe, Central New York Branch, National Letters Chair

Nancy Dafoe’s essay —  which was a finalist in the international William Faulkner/Wisdom Creative Writing competition in 2018 — explores the purpose of art and the making of art.

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Creative Soulmates

From The Pen Woman, Summer 2019

Bonita Tabakin, left, and Sheila Firestone during one of the performance nights. Pen Women Bonita Tabakin and Sheila Firestone live in different states, but a friendship that started during a Biennial conference bloomed despite the distance. One of the results was a creative collaboration for Firestone’s stage musical — with Tabakin providing original art for backdrops.

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Secrets to Growing Branch Membership

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2018

NLAPW Pensacola Branch By Cathy Shouse, Muncie Branch

When the Pensacola Branch of Florida earned the “Highest Membership Growth” award, many branches asked: What are Penscala’s secrets? Cathy Shouse decided to find out — and share with all Pen Women.

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Pen Women as ‘Wonder Women’

From The Pen Woman, Spring 2018

By Dorothy Kamm, Member-at-Large (Port St. Lucie, Florida)

As dynamic, creative women, we want to retain a fresh perspective and remain challenged — we want to continue growing personally as well as professionally, and perform at our personal best. Dorothy Kamm shares tips for how you, too, can be a Wonder Woman.

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New Generation Revives an Old Pen Women Project

From The Pen Woman, Winter 2018

By Mollee Kruger, Bethesda Branch, Maryland

A new generation of musicians revives a 1995 collaborative project created by two Bethesda Branch members. Based on a book, the 45-minute “Ladies First” show had been performed for numerous civic organizations, women’s groups, and retirement communities.

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We Must Share the Legacy with New Generations

From The Pen Woman, Spring 2017

By Nellie Conboy, Allied Professional Member at Large, Art

After a short stay at Pen Arts, new member Nellie Conboy shares her personal experience about the bonds that unite Pen Women — and why she believes the future is brights for NLAPW.

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Tapestry for Peace Goes Global

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2016

By C. Ruthy Wexler

The Denver Branch shares an amazing outreach project that fulfilled a member’s longtime dream. The result, the Tapestry for Peace, was displayed in the Rotunda of the Colorado State Capitol building — and soon grew into ideas coming in from all over the world.

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