Featured Poem: My Morning Routine

By Megha Sood



My fingers tracing those invisible

unetched dreams on my table

some skewed and some forgotten

by the cruel bouts of merciless time


Time doesn’t discriminate

Doesn’t it?

A warm cup leaves the impression

a circle of incessant pain and angst

of monotony and cacophony


The incongruence of my abstract thoughts

forming a shapeless vortex around my waist

tightens its grip on me with every passing second

But I fail to lose hope

I’m a pessimist, they say


The taloned fingers clutching onto the last shreds

of dreams and reality

but my mind,

Oh! my ever beautiful mind

never stops dreaming


My fingers trace the time

dipped in those droplets

the eternal beauty of a broken promise

etching a beautiful prayer

as a part of my morning time routine.


  1. Janet Fagal says:

    Welcome and I enjoyed your poem. Our brains, our thoughts, our hopes, our plans so easily thwarted and then time….what do we know of what we have and so precarious. Life a joy and a sorrow at times, but we create to make sense of it all, at least I do and your poem does give me hope. Though I fight the whims of the pessimist, I am very much the opposite and glad of it. But I do understand. Well done.

    • Megha Sood says:

      Thanks so much Janet Fagal for sharing your thoughts.Im glad that you agree with underlying emotion of the poem that though our plans are often thwarted by merciless time but we still should be hopeful every waking day

  2. Lots of deep emotion but sad! Makes me sad for some reason! I’m an optimist! Look @ Tiger Woods- in PGA today – just a short time after his terrible accident and almost loosing his leg! He is still optimistic perhaps not for winning but
    still showing up! Hope that everyone continues to show up and make the best of their situation!

    • Megha Sood says:

      Thanks, Mara for your thoughts. The poem starts on a sad note but ends with the promise of prayer. I think pain and sadness are also universal emotions that strings all of us together but we hope is also necessary for survival, as you suggested. Thanks again for spending time with my poem.

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