Networkshop #1: Firsts Author Credits as Promised

By Sarah Honenberger
The Pen Woman fiction/nonfiction editor

As the new fiction/nonfiction editor for The Pen Woman, I posted earlier this year several first paragraphs for critique and feedback. This was the first of many, I hope. With such creative Pen Women, interaction can only inspire us to be more clear and more creative in our writing.

The authors below answered the first call for the online workshop. It’s just the beginning of dialogue about the power of words. Thanks to these authors for putting themselves out there and thanks to the members who commented thoughtfully on their efforts.

Here’s the next call for Networkshop #2. Send a setting so well written, so atmospheric, we feel as if we are there. Send to Two-three paragraphs at most, please, with your branch and the title of the piece.

First Author Credits

  1. I escaped Romania in the middle of the night… Roberta Seret, Greenwich Branch (Connecticut), from her novel series, “Transylvanian Trilogy”
  2. The phone on my desk was ringing… Anne Price Yates, Portland Branch, from her novel, “Simply Speechless”
  3. My father was a devoted fly-fisherman… Sara Etgen-Baker, Dallas Branch, from her essay, “Fishing for Words”
  4. Alone at home, her husband at work… Sherry Boschert, member-at-large (New Hampshire), from her novel, “37 Words.”
  5. Jose waited each day in the late afternoon until the American girl appeared… Gail Kenna, Chesapeake Branch, from her short story, “Bittersweet.” in her book, “Soul-Making Keats Collection”
  6. Marina put the lights on in the kitchen and looked out… Roberta Seret, Greenwich Branch (Connecticut), from her novel series, “Transylvanian Trilogy”
  7. In the town of Ashton, Georgia, the order of worship was first Jesus… Lori B. Duff, Atlanta Branch, from her novel “True North”
  8. The walk to Chatchie’s house on Twelfth Street takes fifteen minutes… Diane Rabideau-Wise, Jacksonville Branch, from her novel “Aunt Chatchie”