Featured Poem: Not to Worry

By Lois Batchelor Howard
Palm Springs Branch, California


I wonder if God
made many of us
very tired
as we reach
our last years,
so tired we won’t be
all that sad to leave,
but not so awful
that we won’t mind
staying a bit longer.
It’s a conundrum,
and not one
we are in charge of.
So relax, self,
we don’t have
a known due date.
It’s an impromptu
last minute thing.


  1. Tricia Pimental says:

    At 73 I can totally relate. I am, praise God, in great health, but I know that can change, and as it is with His return, no one knows the day or the hour. Thank you, Lois, for your reminder to relax, wisdom on so many levels for everyone these days.

  2. Janet Fagal says:

    Your poem speaks to me and probably to many of us. I think in our organized, planned lifestyles these days we like things in nice neat packages, but truly that is us imposing our lifestyle needs and that is not a bad thing, necessarily. God works in mysterious ways. Those of us who live in faith, live by His word and it shows us that we need to use our time without worry and fear. I find when I get closer to my religious roots, it makes me happier and able to handle the time period I find myself in. I think your poem says all of this in its own way. Thank you.

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