Featured Art: Alive!

Alive art by Susan Dolan
“Alive!” — watercolor/oil pastel on Arches paper (17×20)
By Susan Dolan, Columbus Branch, Georgia 

About the artist

For Susan Dolan, becoming a Pen Woman at the Columbus Branch, Georgia, in 2016 had seemed like a natural progression in her art journey. She has had an active life in the arts all her life.

Her journey began when she studied figure drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago in high school and then to earn her bachelor of fine arts degree at Drake University with studies in studio work as well as graphic design. Since then, she has traveled extensively and had many opportunities to participate in all of the arts, including stage work.

Dolan is now at a point in her life where she can fully immerse herself in the visual arts, which is her first love. She primarily works in oil, especially enjoying plein air painting around the beautiful Chattahoochee Valley.

She also enjoys a new approach of combining watercolors with oil pastels, creating images that are vibrant in color, organic and naturally lush. This technique allows her to return to the fundamentals of drawing while layering paint and pigment to create new kinds of paintings.

Dolan is active in the arts community of Columbus. She continues to attend figure drawing studios as well as workshops in watercolor and plein air.  She is represented in three galleries in the area.

Being a member of NLAPW in Columbus, as well as being active in this very lively art community, has sparked her drive to keep learning and growing.


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  1. Susan, your painting of these flowers is superb. You make the colors come alive. As the oldest Granddaughter of the first African American florist owner in Kentucky, here in Louisville, KY, my life has been filled with beautiful flowers and paintings of flowers. May you have continued success as a great artist so others may follow your example.

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