Featured Poem: Waiting


By Susan Wurtzburg

Honolulu Branch, Hawaii


When I was a child, I was always waiting.
“Once you are bigger, you can stay up late.”
Early to bed – unfair parental relating.
Flashlight reading avoiding my fate.

When I was a teen, I was still waiting.
“Once you are older, you will do adult things.”
Life was just stifling my ideas in the making,
Dreams in the night soaring on wings.
When I was an adult, I was still waiting.
“Once you finish training, you will have a career.”
Books, learning, fieldwork, articles rating,
All linear goals but my life path a sphere.

Now I am older, I am no longer waiting.
“Once you pass 60, you can rest in the moment.”
Prose penned, photos cropped, brushed colors sating.
Life is good — eddies a-whirling but not in foment.





  1. Brenda Lee Layman says:

    I like the thoughts and questions your poem evokes. Can one find fulfillment earlier, or is it necessary to wait until life experiences all come together in later years? My two favorite lines are, “All linear goals but my life path a sphere,” and “Life is good – eddies a-whirling but not in foment.” Both are lovely to speak and to visualize. Thanks for sharing!

  2. SAndy Huff says:

    True, true, true. The poem speaks to all of us.

    However, I’m now old myself, and still have soooo many projects to do, places to visit, even housework to do. I wish I still had the energy I had back in my “Waiting” eras.

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