Featured art: Plum Blossom



“Plum Blossom” by Marcy Von Kohorn, Vero Beach Branch (Florida)
Watercolor on rice paper (22×30)


Artist’s Statement

Because I have to stay at home to avoid the coronavirus, I spend every day painting. I do Chinese watercolor, which makes the days pass quickly and happily. When I paint, I am lifted to another planet!

My art embodies traditional Eastern with contemporary styles of the Western world. I never use a pencil or plan my work. I work on a flat surface and warm up by doing Chinese calligraphy in ink. There is a discipline in Chinese brushwork. The brush is held like chopsticks and the artist stands while painting. The varying pressure on the brush gives the strokes the value and form. I paint on rice paper, silk, and gold leaf.

I have been a member of Pen Women for over 40 years and will be 95 years old this September.



  1. Beautiful! I hope I am still being creative at ninety-five.
    Autry Dye, Pensacola Branch NLAPW

  2. Christina Laurie says

    Dear Marcy,
    What beautiful composition and color!
    Like you, my writing has passed these days of confinement quickly for me as well. For the 12 years I wrote obits as national chaplain, I learned that being a Creative elongates the life on Pen Women. I’ve been a member since 1965! Congratulations on your work and longevity. May you be blessed with many more creative years!

  3. I am impressed that you know Chinese characters and can use them for the titles. I see you have a your own chop. Wow!

  4. Dayle Herstik says

    Your painting is beautiful. Congratulations on your ongoing creative ability. I, too have enjoyed the meditative art of brush painting. It’s a lovely way to spend time.
    I am delighted to know we are fellow Pen Women.

  5. Dorothy Kamm says

    Wonderful painting and interesting technique. So proud to have you as a fellow member of the Vero Beach Branch!