Featured Art: Group Therapy


Group Therapy by Autry Dye

“Group Therapy,” 26×20 acrylic by Autry Dye, Pensacola Branch (Florida)


Autry Dye began experimenting with painting watercolor on canvas in order to eliminate some of the weight and size of traditionally matted and framed paintings. This was especially important when shipping work for competitions.  

Dye sprays her watercolor canvases three times to make them waterproof before framing. She hopes that the image itself is more important than the presentation with mats and glazing, and that more watercolor societies will start accepting this method of watercolor painting.



  1. I love this thought-provoking image and beautiful colors.

  2. Lovely piece of art! Those colors!!

  3. Winnie Thompson says

    Such an interesting technique-would like to see more.

  4. Mary Joan Meagher says

    Stunning. I absolutely love this painting. Keep it up and don’t what other people think. I think we have plenty of misty 19th century pallidly colored watercolors. Let’s see more of saturated color hauntingly commenting on modern life.

  5. Dorothy Kamm says

    I, too, love the colors and composition. Interesting technique, too.

  6. Beautiful art work. I do love the colors and I feel that this painting shows a strong Mother with her children who are there by her side.

  7. Sandra Michel says

    Beautiful and interesting.

  8. Anne Baehr says

    Love the colors of this! there’s a lot of hope in that picture .We could all use some group therapy right now.