Featured Art: Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night photo

“Queen of the Night,” 6 by 6 photo, by Polly Curran
Sarasota Branch, Florida



Artist’s statement

The “Queen of the Night” is an extraordinary plant. It is prized for its excellence in bloom, size, fragrance — and the fact that it only blooms for a single night each year. It is also called “night-blooming cereus,” a subtropical cactus.

I have this plant in my garden and enjoy watching the progress from a small bud to the moment it begins to turn its face upward and finally show its full bloom, maybe 6 inches in diameter. I  wrote a haiku for this very special moment:

She makes her appearance hidden in darkness

Behold her radiance for one night only;

This remarkable Queen of the Night



  1. Cindy Halward says:

    Lovely Polly! I’m off to Vancouver Dec. 5-27. See you in the new year! We have been blessed with grandchild #5! Baby boy! Enjoy the season my friend! Cindy Halward

  2. Jan Johnston’s says:

    Polly, this is truly a fabulous photo, the bloom was well worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing this. Jan Johnston

  3. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    breathtaking, truly breathtaking. thanks for sharing your photo of the Queen of the Night. Remarkable what talent you have 🙂

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