Featured Art: Echo #3


Susan Crave Rosen, Chesapeake Bay Branch
“Echo #3,” acrylic and collage on paper, 23×27 inches


“I have been painting for over 25 years, beginning when my husband and I retired to Virginia. Starting with watercolor, as many artists do, I wanted a more opaque, sturdy medium and moved to acrylic about 15 years ago. I have added collage of my own painted papers to layered acrylic, often embellished with line.” —Susan Crave Rosen



  1. Barb Whitmarsh NLAPW says


  2. Diane McDonough, Cape Cod Branch, MA says

    Wonderful piece: the geometric forms; the black, white, red, sometimes bright, sometimes muted; the letters (I’m a word woman/poet). And I also see piano keys. Intriguing.

    • SusanCraveRosen says

      Thanks Diane! The image is a little skewed since the painting is a rectangle, not a square!

  3. Darlene Bevill says

    I love it! I love it because of the composition, color contrast and your desire to pursue you passion.

  4. Sara Etgen-Baker says

    I rather like your creation….powerful representation. Thanks for sharing

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