Featured Art and Poem: Garden of Ethos

Garden of Ethos painting

Oil on canvas (90 by 50) by Dianne Lynn Benanti, Palm Springs Branch, California


Dianne Lynn Benanti is a self-taught artist who creates large scale contemporary works as well as traditional portraits. Besides being an artist, she composes music and has written a children’s book. She highlights NLAPW on her website, and says, “I’m very honored to be a part of such a great organization.” Her art, book, poetry and songs can be viewed at www.benanti.com.

Carol Mann is a poet and author in the Palm Springs Branch. Her poem was inspired by Diana Benanti’s painting of the same name.



The Garden of Ethos

 Carol Mann, Palm Springs Branch


together we gather in the garden

worried, contemplative

stoic, sad

our world view guiding our thoughts

our life experience

bonding us


sisters they call us

bearers of the oral story

of man and his tradition

of beliefs in a god   or not


teachers they call us

bearers of society’s mores

culture, the written word


mothers they call us

bearers of children

nurturers of body, soul

family guide in crisis and joy


daughters they call us

our mothers’ students

learning ways to cope

to keep dreams alive


wives they call us

joined in ceremony

partners through life’s

trials and uncertainties


But mostly they call us women

governors of our own destiny

strong, problem solvers

ever emerging


they call us women

finding strength in our sisters

in times of sadness

finding strength in our sisters

in times of great happiness

finding ways to go on…






      Thank you, Karen. I thought the same….Carol is a brilliant writer. She has a book out with her poems and beautiful watercolors that accompany it…I believe its called ” All Ways A Woman”

  1. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    I did so enjoy both the art and the poem for capturing the spirit of womanhood and sisterhood. I enjoy being a storyteller, a keeper of culture if you will.

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