Art of the Week: Jungle Jewel

Polly Curran
Sarasota, Florida Branch



Polly Curran is an award-winning Artistic Nature photographer.   “The natural beauty of each individual leaf or flower becomes a work of art through the camera.  Their natural beauty gives me a strong sense of intimacy in even the smallest things.  I try to bring out the best feature of a flower, leaf or tree to capture the soul of the image.”


For Jungle Jewel,the moment she saw this beautiful Heliconia and began to look at all aspects of this tropical beauty it was an emotional experience. As she looked more deeply at this unique flower, searching for its soul, Curran felt a sense of excitement. Her lens found what she was looking for. Her love for haiku poetry, has given her a way to express the emotional moment when she feels that she has found that special beauty in nature. Below is the Haiku Curran wrote for this image:


Jungle Jewel.

Light and color abound,

Nature’s treasure



  1. Dorothy Kamm says

    Wow! Such rich colors and textures.

  2. Priyta Lakini says

    Just beautiful

  3. You realize this is a photograph. I too am amazed when I can capture the true colors. I feel Nature has given me a gift. I am honored.

    Thank you for your comments.


  4. sara etgen-baker says

    your work, Polly, truly captures the soul of nature.

  5. sara etgen-baker says

    I, too, believe in the soul of nature! And you’ve captured the soul beautifully with both your work and your poetry. Thanks, Polly

  6. Charlene Holloway says

    Polly Curran’s artwork uses beautifully defined colors of this painting. It is truly a jewel of artwork!