Art of the Week: Humming the Blues

Susie Monzingo
Fort Worth, Texas
Humming the Blues, Mixed Media, 11×14
At : Your Private Collection Art Gallery, Granbury ,TX



Painter of all things in Mother Nature, Susie Monzingo thinks nothing depicts spring in Texas more than bluebonnets and hummingbirds. So she painted both! With an abundance of bluebonnets this year and families all over the area in the fields taking family photos, Monzingo created this work from acrylic on gold leaf background.


She said it “reminds me when our daughter was really young and we took her Easter picture in a field of bluebonnets off the side of the road. These scenes evoke sweet memories as I hope this painting will.”



  1. Dorothy Kamm says

    How lovely!

  2. sara etgen-baker says

    I live in Texas and have enjoyed hummingbirds and bluebonnets my entire life. Your painting captured the hummingbird’s delicate spirit and the magnificence of the bluebonnets. Thanks

  3. I love this painting! I like to include gold in my work as well and it really warms up a piece…this is beautiful!

  4. It is a magnificent piece to say the least. The colors and texture takes your breath away. Bluebonnets and humming birds are surely an awesome reminder of summer. Thank you!

  5. Tracy Lanum says

    Absolutely charming.