Flash Fiction–In Justice

In Justice

Sally runs to playground. Sally swings on swing. A group of schoolyard bullies beats up Sally and steals her lunch money. Sally organizes a team of avenger-nerds, chases down thieves, retrieves lunch money, and is elected class president. Chastened bully ring-leader grows up to write redemptive novel that wins Pulitzer for its realistic portrayal of criminal reform. Sally writes flash fiction, laughing out loud.

Question: Did you assume the bully was a boy?

Treanor Baring
Bayou City Branch, TX

Editor’s Note: I’m hoping to be able to publish a chapbook of Flash Fiction October through Pen Women Press. This will be a small, limited project, a small way of getting our members’ work in print. In the meantime, I’m posting the accepted flash fiction submissions in the order that I received them. The Poem of the Week feature will return in November, so poets, please keep those submissions coming.

Here’s a draft of the cover of the chapbook–I’m working on getting a cost estimate for 100 copies. flash!coverIf we can get donations, we can distribute free of cost! The photo on the cover, which I took in St. Pancras train station in London, represents for me what makes flash fiction so appealing. It’s a quick spiral to personal moments and insight about people. Keep writing, Pen Women!–Treanor Baring, Poetry Editor, Website Content Editor, NLAPW


  1. Lynne Eve Grossmsn says

    I did not assume the bully was a boy. I think using a question is an excellent method to end this flash fiction piece. Posing food for thought regarding possible assumptions such as gender is pertinent and important in our world today!

  2. Dear Treanor,

    I love your concept for your flash piece and the cover you shared is stunning. Thank you
    for all you do to produce the NLAPW blog and the countless hours you expend
    in promoting the work of our members.

    In gratitude,
    Calder Lowe
    Modesto Branch member

    • It’s such a pleasure to work with our writers, artists and composers! Thanks for being a Pen Woman!!

  3. Rollin McGrail says

    Please consider my art work to help compel the, “Flash Fiction”, brand along.
    I think it’s marvelous.


  4. I try not to post my own work, but the flash fiction “challenge” has inspired a lot of us. My son gave me the idea for this by saying, What is flash fiction, is it like See Sally run? And the idea of our gender biased expectations inspired me to write the last line. Our views and comments are up, so thank you all for your enthusiasm. Also, writers, don’t be shy about posting a comment on your own work. I think we all love to hear about how your ideas went from flash to paper (or screen in this case).