Art of the Week: Ray Walls Dune Shack

Kathryn Kleekamp
Cape Cod Branch

Ray Walls Dune Shack.
Oil on Canvas


Members of our Cape Cod Branch of NLAPW enjoyed a fall trip to the beautiful Provincelands at the outer tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Kathryn Kleekamp was inspired to create this painting as a result of what she calls “that magical afternoon”. Of her work, Kleekamp says:

“This is a painting of Ray Walls Dune Shack, one of seventeen ‘shacks.’ These primitive and defiant structures, battered by ocean winds and the elements, have long provided a refuge for artists and writers who seek to be surrounded by the natural world. The shacks are maintained by their original owners or their families, but two shacks are available via lottery to lucky artists or writers who apply for one week residencies.”

You will find more examples of Kathryn Kleekamp’s work at 



  1. Tracy Lanum says:

    I really appreciate this wonderful painting of the “Dune Shack.” At this moment I am in Nags Head, NC where the wind is blowing fiercely. The waves are tremendous! “Dune Shack” reminds me of how tranquil it can be here, though inundated with hundreds of two and three story dwellings for tourists. Oh that I could travel back to 1900 where I am certain there were dune shacks.

  2. Juanita Perez says:

    Beautiful and tranquil.

  3. It was a beautiful afternoon in a dune buggy, through the sand dunes and forest of P’town. I love the painting, as it brings back fun memories of a beautiful PW afternoon on Cape Cod,

  4. Barb Whitmarsh says:


  5. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  6. Lovely! I enjoy your work. And what a wonderful place to write!

  7. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    When I visited Cape Cod a few years back, I was quite taken by the dune shacks. And, yes, they are quite defiant. I’d like to think they have an enduring spirit–the same spirit that dwells within each of us providing us with strength and hope. You’ve truly captured the essence of Cape Cod. Thank you.

  8. I feel like I’m there! Beautiful and peaceful 🙂