Art of the Week: Bleached White is the New Coral

Bev Goldie

Central Ohio Branch

Bleached White is the New Coral



Bev Goldie has recently switched her medium of choice from oil painting to encaustics (molten wax and Damar resin). After viewing some stunning encaustic works in New York and Florida Ritz Carlton hotels, she made the commitment to learn how to do them.  There weren’t any classes in Ohio, so with much experimentation, attending workshops and hard work, she learned to create encaustics. Goldie exhibits her work, some of which have won awards and teaches workshops and classes in Ohio at the Columbus Cultural Art Center. Her public Facebook page, Encaustics by Bev Goldie, shows many techniques, finished works for those who may want to know more about this ancient art form, and lists classes.

You may also see more of her work at:



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  1. Barb Whitmarsh says:



  2. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    How intricate and intriguing this art form must be. Your research and hard work have paid off, Bev. I’ fascinated with how you’ve explored this medium to express your creativity.

    • Thank you very much Sara. I find it very satisfying and have loved teaching classes and workshops on it. There are so many things you can do with this medium!!