In the Studio with…

This feature, published in The Pen Woman magazine, highlights an artist member and her process. We hope it inspires and informs other artists in their own work. Submissions are welcome from members — please send the article, along with high-resolution JPG images (showing the artist at work, progression of a piece focused on process, and finished work) to Art Editor Lucy Arnold at

sculpture trio

Sandra Eliot, Member-at-Large: Carved-Up Inspiration (Spring 2019)

Sandra Eliot assembles sculptures from found objects and fabricated pieces. She’s fascinated by wood that’s been weathered, and uses the other materials to enhance its meaning.

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Handmade "beach vessels" by Melissa Woodburn

Melissa Woodburn, Golden Gate-Marin Branch: A Day at the Beach (Winter 2019)

Melissa Woodburn uses the beach as part of her studio. After creating clay pots and bisque-firing them in an electric kiln, it’s off to the beach to pit-fire them.

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Wings of the World painting

Lucy Arnold, Golden Gate-Marin Branch: Giving the World Wings (Summer 2018)

Lucy Arnold depicts stunning examples of butterfly, as well as other flora and fauna. She feels that the butterflies’ infinite patterns and colors make them ideal art subjects, but they also have symbolic significance.

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Linda Mitchell, Atlanta Branch: Narrative Paintings on Fabric (Spring 2017)

Linda Mitchell creates beautiful, sensitive, narrative paintings that have voice and presence. Her work is unique and tells stories through patterns and colors.

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Katie Turner, Central New York Branch: ‘Fifteen Minutes’ (Winter 2017)

Katie Turner shares how to use a “15-minute” trick to create art while balancing a busy schedule that includes family, spiritual growth, healthy living, exercise, proper rest, working on commissions, testing new products, networking, developing new business skills, and much more.

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