By Marcy Von Kohorn
Vero Beach Branch, Florida


Darkened palm trees spread their fingers against the pale pink of the sky

Ripples skip across the water reflecting a spiritual path of light

A halo of crimson rings the sun dipping into pools of purple-blue

Before descending into a sphere of golden fire

Streaking its gentle demise with swirls of color

And with one final shudder of brilliance

Expires leaving the phantom shadows of dusk

And then appears the moon

Eulogizing the end of day


  1. Andrea Walker says:

    Yours is a beautiful description of sunset, and I love the role you’ve given moonrise. A pleasure to read and reflect on. Thank you!

  2. Dianne says:

    My immediate reaction was: “I’m packing my bag for Florida!” Your soul is in there and reflects your love of beauty, earth, sky and the grace of the beautiful and powerful universe.

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