Featured Poem: First Snowfall

By Donna Puglisi
Cape Canaveral Branch, Florida


The quiet, the hush of a first snowfall.

Delicate snowflakes cover my hair, kiss my eyelashes, melt on my tongue.


Each doilied flake is so fragile, each one unique in design.


In the morning I awake to a world of frosty winter silence.

I am the first footstep to disturb the perfect glistening white carpet.


In a moment of childish excitement, I fall backwards into

a pillow of virgin snow, making a beautiful snow angel.


My work of art will last for a brief moment before it becomes one with

 winter’s canvas,

celebrating the First Snowfall.





  1. Donna Puglisi says:

    Thanks, Sue! Yes, those memories are great and magical, but I prefer Florida now! Stay warm in that snowstorm!!

    • Donna Puglisi says:

      Thank you, JoAnna! I left the wonder of snow for my imagination and great memories as a kid too. Now I’m happy in Florida!

    • Donna Puglisi says:

      Wonder is magical! To be able to look at something like a child is wonder enough! Thanks, Sarah!

  2. sue moritt says:

    beautiful description. Even though you are in Florida it is a perfect picture of what we here in upstate NY feel when we first walk out into a new snowstorm

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