Painting by Anne Price Yates

“Convergence,”  by Anne Price Yates, Portland Branch (Oregon)
Acrylic (12×12)


From the artist:

“My 12-by-12-inch acrylic, Convergence, waited years to be painted. Every spring, my front yard explodes with color. Roses, irises, tulips, johnny jump-ups, and rosemary create a delightful panorama in various hues, which shout for attention. These are lovely but were not my primary focus for Convergence. Instead, I have tried to express the delight I experience in one obscure spot of my yard.

The soft yellows and pale blues of these unnamed delicate flowers have fascinated me for all the years I have lived here. They do not flaunt brilliant colors but are simply charming.

I have attempted to capture the quiet, fragile, and lovely effect of this convergence. Tall iris leaves form a perfect backdrop for the delicate tiny blossoms surrounded by mosses and stones. It was indeed time for this lovely tranquil spot to be memorialized on canvas.”


  1. Dayle Herstik says:

    Your work is really wonderful. I recently took a really good art class via zoom , about ‘not being afraid of using dark tones’. I was convinced and now, seeing your work, I’m doubly convinced. Thank you for sharing your lovely and inspiring work.

  2. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Anne, what a beautiful painting. I love your talent; thank you! It is so natural, more as if a photograph. (That’s meant as a compliment!) It is wonderfully realistic…alive!
    I’m thrilled that so many Pen Women (and hopefully many others!) are afforded the joy of basking in your talent.

  3. Laura Walth says:

    Love the colors and the art work! Looks like it would be a good cover for the Pen Woman magazine.

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