Featured Poem: Blue Hues


By Dorothy Kamm
Vero Beach Branch, Florida


How many names exist

For all the hues of blue?

Is azure the sky blue

Of mid-day,

Cloudless and intense?


What about French blue,

The toned-down blue

Of country crockery

That sometimes saturates

A summer sky?


Cerulean blue may appear

On the horizon

When yellow vapors

Of a setting sun

Wash over thalo blue.


Ultramarine and

Midnight blue –

The deepest hues,

So dark they can be mistaken

For the color black;


But they are the color of

A moonlit night sky and space,

Infinite consciousness,

Dreaming trance-like

As mystical awareness expands.



  1. Patricia Setser says:


    Enjoyed your poetry. You are woman of many talents. I remember meeting you years ago when you were writing books about your beautiful ceramic pins.

    • Dorothy Kamm says:


      Thanks for the compliments. I, too, remember meeting you and can say that you, too, are very talented!

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