Featured Poem: Artistic

By Dorothy Kamm
Vero Beach Branch Florida


My mind plays tricks on me:
On a morning walk
up ahead I see
a dead mouse on its back,
paws raised, frozen tail

but upon approach
it’s just a dead and dried
leaf, tips curled, stem stiff.

Six squares of lawn further up
I see the graceful curve of a heron’s head
rising from its prone body
half-buried in the short grass,
until the curve unwinds and flicks
and I see it’s really
a squirrel’s tail.

To look at one thing
and to see another
is creativity at play,
artistry at its hallucinogenic finest.


  1. Janet Clare Fagal says:

    Your poem reminds us of how we need to seek, find, imagine, learn, consider and grow. What we see may be a moment’s perception but perhaps there is more truth in the “error”. Your poem sets the stage for pondering, Dorothy, glad it is shared here.

    • Dorothy Kamm says:

      I’m pleased this poem gets people in a pondering mind frame. I appreciate all comments and feedback.

  2. Gershon Wolf says:

    The poem very much resonated with me, as this kind of ‘mistaken identity’ happens not infrequently… also because I’m confident that any ‘hallucinogenics’ are strictly natural! Nicely done, Dorothy!

  3. Brenda Layman says:

    A fun glimpse into the artist’s mind! One of the best things about poetry is the way it opens up different viewpoints, and this poem is a great example of that. Thanks for sharing!

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