Featured Poem: Be Here

By Barbara Letts Blodgett
Vero Beach Branch, Florida


As I stand at the sink

hurrying to wash, to rinse a platter,

I become aware of

how caught up I am

in the outer fuss,

the temptation to rush, 

to consider this a bother.


When did I last

carefully, lovingly

focus on the precious moment of Now,

attentively appreciate

the simplicity of this daily chore,

choose to lose the impatience,

gratefully slow my pace

and just be nowhere

but here?






  1. Janet Fagal says:

    Sorry for the late commenting. Your poem reminds me of what I tell myself. Be in the now. Remember the past and plan for the future, but enjoy each moment. They are all precious. The thoughts that swirl in our heads that focus on moving on, hurrying to finish to get to the next task, when do we really glory in each new breath, each new possibility to do something positive, kind, good, important. I like your poem’s message, Barbara.

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