Featured Poem: Sensational 2020 Symphony

By Deborah A. Dickinson-Deacon
Western New York Branch


Wide open kitchen window reveals:


Westerly winds that whisper warmly.

Dove coos in calming clarity.

Cardinal and robin each perform solos.

Crows caw in call-and-response cacophony.


Church bells chime on the hour.

Silent scampering of squirrels and rabbits,

barking dogs break that silence.

Children call out to each other,

uncharacteristically six feet apart.


Re-construction of pot-holed suburban roads

vibrates the air accompanied by rhythmic beeps

indicating backward movement.

Lawn mowers pushed by all people

at a pre-choreographed pace.

“Weed whackers” whiz and buzz in musical measures.


All is carefully conducted by an unseen Higher Power,

awesomely appreciated by this audience of one,

who, until mid-March, worked on an 18th floor

where windows do not open.


I need my open window.




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