Featured Poem: A Need for Healing

By Ann Marie Vale
Cape Cod Branch, Massachusetts


A desire to reach out in love
With the grace bestowed from God above,
Offering a fervent prayer for each other
As a spiritual hug for each sister and brother.
We pray for patience, peace, and unity.
Unified, our prayers can build up immunity
To Corona, violence, and all other ills.
Yes, all our needs the Creator fulfills.
Every member of our human race
Possesses a purpose no one can erase.
The need to discover and pursue your unique goal
Is deeply implanted in every person’s soul.
So, let us follow our goals and pray with determination
That love will conquer and replace consternation.
We salute our flag as it waves unfurled
And ask God to help us lead this world
Back to a culture of love and respect.
Indeed, we ask God to bless and protect
Every human being as we proudly proclaim:
“God bless America,” or we shall never be the same.
“God, heal our nation and we shall forever be blessed.”
We pray for His guidance and hope for the best.

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