Featured Poem: Music


By Dawn Huntley Spitz

Sarasota Branch, Florida


                                                  A song can soothe a sorrowing soul,

                                                           Can help a heart to heal,

                                                      Can make a broken spirt whole,

                                                                 Awaken us to feel.


                                                      A song is like an angel’s wings,

                                                             It touches us with grace,

                                                      And all the joy that music brings

                                                              Can fill an empty place.


                                                           Music is a warming thing

                                                           To cheer the darkest night

                                                    So come and play your pipes and sing

                                                             And dance into the light.





  1. Polly Curran says:

    Dawn, This is a beautiful poem that truly speaks to our feelings. Music and Nature help to calm and sooth the soul. Thank you for sharing, you are a true Pen Women soulmate.

  2. Dayle Herstik says:

    Music is a necessity for one’s well being, especially during these challenging times.
    Lovely words…it’s simplicity reverberates.
    Keep writing.

  3. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Dawn, your poem is perfectly beautiful. My whole long life has been music, and how I relate to your every word. I also write, but I don’t think my poems about music come through like yours does (I know; it is not a competition!). Your “Music” IS music. Thank you so for enriching my life and your other readers. This poem will always win hearts. Mine is on the list! Congratulations for this special poem!

    Lois Batchelor Howard

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