Diving Into Tech Soup

Words from Nerds logoBy Wilma Davidson and Diana de Avila, Sarasota Branch

“Social good needs great technology. At TechSoup, we provide the connections, expertise, and resources to unlock the power of tech for social good.”

NLAPW is all about doing social good — and Tech Soup can offer branches what they need to befriend technology. The fall 2020 issue of The Pen Woman shares the benefits of Tech Soup with you and we urge you to read it.

As Tech Soup says,  “We do much more than offer discounts on the tools that you need. Read about all our great initiatives and how we get these resources — and more — into the hands of people working for good all over the world.”

How can your branch get started with Tech Soup?

Visit the website:


Register here:


Please use your Branch’s EIN, and contact the National office for a copy of the IRS “Letter of Determination.”

Registering is easy and will take a few days to take effect.  Someone from Tech Soup will reach out to you requesting the upload of the “Federal Determination Letter” …

Once your branch is verified, you can start here:


To dive deeper, here are helpful links:

Tech Soup How-Tos


Tech Soup Community Blog


Tech Soup Courses


Tech Soups is free to join.  There are often small “admin fee” payments required (but not all donated products require this.). The admin fee is a one-time fee.   Some products are free (ex. Google Non-Profit with G-Suite) and others have deep discounts (ex. WIX, Adobe products.).   Read the description.  The admin fees (we’ve never paid more than $50) are non-refundable.

There are both software and hardware products available.    

Tech Soup also has its own Tech Help services in case these are needed. 

Take a look at the Product Catalog


Dive in!