Featured Poem: Clouds


By Anne-Marie Derouault

Cape Canaveral Branch, Florida


Today I watched the clouds.

Which particular set of circumstances

Found me lying down in this precise place

In the middle of a lawn?

Heart filled by the trees’ deep green

All technological and social temptations

Put aside

My gaze fell into the sky

And got lost.

A few clouds follow their course

Very slow, very light and very sure


I watched them move

Like never before.

I thought that Le Clezio was right

To point out the beauty of clouds

Fascinated by the slowness

Forever tranquil and strong

Of their journey

Their infinite nuances of white

Of velvety grey

Their unraveling delicate edges.


They glide into the summer air

They glide destined and peaceful

And I wished to absorb

This suspended peace, this floating peace

This liquid freedom

This weightless mass

To reflect the light like them

To float in the space of the sky

In the space of consciousness.