Featured Art: Seeding




“Seeding” by Debra Collins, Diablo-Alameda Branch (California)
Cut charcoal paper, 16 x 20


“Seeding” is a piece that was shown on the Sierra Club’s national website early in 2020 for the organization’s online art show “Green New Deal.”

“I hope the piece conveys that the simple act of planting a tree seed has a great effect on our climate crisis,” artist Debra Collins says. “One seed becomes a tree that reproduces again and again to create a forest. A single tree is a habitat to so many creatures and cleans the air as well. Maybe my piece will encourage our Pen Women to plant a tree.”



  1. Such beautiful Artwork. As a Pen Woman here in KY, the trees I have planted bloom so beautifully. Our city believes in planting many trees to help out city breathe much better.

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