Artwork Wanted for the 50th Biennial Art Show

Calling all artists! We need artwork for our 50th National Biennial Art Show.
We will have a wonderful gallery space in our Pen Arts Gallery for this exhibit. It’s all coming together and I’m very excited about it. We need to fill that space with artwork. 
The submission period started on Oct. 1 and to date, only two members have entered work for the Biennial Show.
Check the art competitions page for the submission requirements. If you are having problems resizing or sending attachments with your email, ask someone you know to help you, or let me know and I will guide you through it. Once you know how to do it, it will be easier the next time. 
—National Art Chair Mary Lou Griffin


  1. Because of attending the last conference in WDC, I met a phenomenally talented woman. When she found out I had just flown in from attending 4 of my juried art shows in Italy, she asked if I would like to rest or sleep.
    I gladly accepted her offer. Of course creatives when alone share ideas and goals and dreams. When I found out hers, I said I’d like to see that. She told me she also would like to see that: a musical opera that told the story of some of the women from the Bible. So my nagging began. Smile.
    This music took her 24 years to create. Last year I saw it! I was thrilled. What a lot of work and dedication this took. Because I provided the set designs, we both were featured by Rodika in the Pen Woman Magazine.
    Sheila Firestone and I have been good friends ever since.
    This opera/musical is purposely saved for the week(s) between Easter and Passover. Talk with her about “Miriam and the Women of the Desert” for your church, temple synagogue. This is amazing. A must experience!