Featured Poem: Slammed

Cornelia DeDona
Member-at-large, Kingston, New York


I slammed my heart
into love’s door
bloodied and bruised
it swelled
on the other side
of a reckoning
exacted its price
no change


My head
our days
would be
of a time,
our souls


Glad, I knocked



  1. Dorothy Kamm says

    Powerful poem.

  2. What a vivid and powerful image! This poem really grabs the reader hard – just as the emotion struck the poet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Judith MacLean says

    Wow! I loved this. So simple and yet so totally inclusive of all applicable emotions.

  4. Janet Clare Fagal says

    I think it is hard to write about love, about love lost, about being in wild, abandoned love. About the time after, regret or not? This has all of the parts so clearly felt in your lovely, poem, Cornelia. It is one to read over a few times, to sort of sit in it and feel what you are describing perhaps through our own experience or through those of friends, or of times long ago when we were young. I am glad this poem was featured.