Featured Art: 19th Century Lady


19th Century Lady painting
Patricia Daly-Lipe, Jacksonville Branch, Florida
19th Century Lady, oil, 26 by 30 (includes frame)


Statement from Patricia Daly-Lipe: The portrait is based on an old photo of a friend of my grandmother (on my mother’s side). However, I do not know who she was. I was intrigued, however, with her look. So much can be read in those eyes.



  1. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    I agree. Your subject has soulful eyes and an expression worth pondering. Beautifully done, Patricia.

  2. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Patricia, you are a wonder. What talent you have in writing (!) and painting (!) and other gifts, I’m sure.
    This portrait is so captivating. Will it appear in our Pen Woman magazine? Brava!!!
    Warmly, Lois Batchelor Howard, Palm Springs member of NLAPW

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