Featured Poem: Legacy of Love

Anne Bonner
Cape Canaveral Branch


as the old lady stares into space
slender twig bent and broken
I remember Mama
a beautiful young blossom
role model in days past
admonishing sister and me
pretty is as pretty does


remember those not as fortunate
urging us to become good citizens
using our minds and creative abilities
a kaleidoscope of dreams
patchwork of portraits
assurance of self-worth


mothers  grandmothers  great
grandmothers second class
citizens in days long ago
surrounded by barriers of barbs
visible and invisible boundaries
never forget your roots


unsightly deeds covered by
apologetic men as women today
take their rightful place in the world
sympathy for the downtrodden
providing sustenance to husbands
children and to themselves
to thine own self be true


thank you, Mama
and those ladies before you
legacy’s tapestry is woven
into my heart
golden threads of love




  1. Luanne Faulkender says

    Written in the spirit of thankfulness and love to those who loved us and nurtured us to be who we have become. Lovely.

  2. Kay Williamson says

    Anne, this is one of my favorite poems in all the world that you’ve written so beautifully. You are truly one of the best! Your mother, grandmother and all of your female relatives would have been so proud of you, as am I.

  3. Chris godwin says

    Thank you for so eloquent and heartfelt a poem. It has reached into my own depths of memory.

  4. Dorothy Atkins Santa Clara Br says

    This poem spoke to me on so many levels, of women of my past and seeing the women of our presence. How strong and resilient we are. My grandmother also said “pretty is as pretty does”. I never wanted to be a princess but to make a difference.

  5. Wonderful, thoughtful poem, Anne. I was thrilled to see your NAME. I’ll be at the February Pen Women meeting in Vero Beach. Leaving Boston today to return to Omaha. Love you. Miss you.

  6. Sara Etgen-Baker says

    we women possess such a sacred legacy–an inspiration that guides us every day. I appreciate your poem and creative expression. thanks for sharing