It’s A Creative Business: Expressive Writing—A Foundation for Business Success

This week, Ronni Miller discusses the merits of expressive writing as a business tool.


You don’t have to be a writer to express yourself through the medium of expressive writing.


I began writing in childhood. It was a way for me, a shy child, to express my views, insights, upsets and imagined thoughts. It was a way to vent.  As a child, I had no idea about these grownup words like vent or even express thoughts. It was just a way for me to get my voice out of my head and down on paper. It made me feel happy to release it.


In 1999, I discovered that what I had been doing all my life had a name.  It is called expressive writing.  I first read about the term and its value in medicine when reading the research work of James W. Pennebaker, PhD.  His research proved that writing about trauma reduced the effects of illnesses.  Pennebaker and other scientific researchers in the field have documented the success of writing about trauma as it relates to wellness and reduces anxiety.  I began to incorporate that concept into Write It Out ®, a program I created and taught to children and adults that began seven years earlier as a motivational program. For the last eighteen years it has segued into the health care field, where I facilitate expressive writing workshops at cancer centers and hospitals as well as in universities and education centers. It has become an important arm of my business, Write It Out.


How then can expressive writing, which I define as any writing in any genre that includes journal writing, poetry, prose and theater pieces, be a tool for creative artists in business?




  • clears the cobwebs
  • restarts the engine
  • reduces anxiety
  • taps into feelings, memories and experiences
  • boosts health and well being
  • recharges self-confidence and self-esteem
  • fosters courage in the face of naysayers
  • provides a venting outlet
  • supports the vision


Most artists work alone, and the business side of creativity is often daunting.  Many prefer to just create and have someone else, a magic genie, take over the business of selling, marketing and finances.  All too often the artist, marketer, seller and financial person need to be all-in-one. This can cause stress and conflict.


Recently I spoke to an artist and illustrator who told me that, due to a letter she wrote to a client expressing enjoyment of painting a picture of the woman’s grandchildren and inviting her to the studio to see more of her work, she was commissioned to do six paintings of characters from The Wizard of Oz. “This client is now a major collector of my work,” said Karizu-Becher.


Another fine artist described how recording a dream in her journal led to an oil painting that won first prize in a juried show.


Take a few minutes to express your feelings and thoughts in writing or to record your dreams. You may find yourself just documenting or you may discover the pleasure of creating a poem or prose piece based on angst and thoughts. In either case, you will have used a simple method to release anxiety and help your business succeed.


Ronni Miller, award winning fiction writer, author of seven books of fiction and nonfiction, produced playwright, published essayist is the Founder and Director of Write It Out® a motivational and expressive writing program for individuals of all ages since 1992. She facilitates workshops in the US, Italy and Bermuda and has a private practice as Book Midwife. A NLAPW member since 2008, she serves as board member of her Sarasota, FL Branch and 4th Vice President of NLAPW. 


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