It’s a Creative Business: Plan B and a Prayer

Our first guest blogger, Dorothy Atkins, discusses how she made her creative dreams a business reality:


While working my career job, I always had a Plan B and a prayer. Traveling 90 minutes everyday by train, I’d write down a plan of what I’d rather do in life. I made a chalkboard at home with notes, inspirational quotes, and ideas of what my life would look like doing the things I loved. As a project manager, I wrote a plan for myself on a large, lined tablet. I must have used a ton of them over the years. I still look at my first outline of what I wanted to accomplish and marvel at how many things in my plan I did.


I put a big round circle in the middle of the page and smaller circles all around it with arrows pointing to the big circle. The big circle was my end goal; the smaller circles all around it was what I needed to do. I set out to do things that I could immediately work on (e.g. Who was my target audience, what did I have that no one was offering, etc.). Even though I didn’t know when exactly my dreams would happen, I knew that I had to be ready for when it did. I wanted to make greeting cards and be a motivational speaker, encouraging women to follow their dreams. By writing down my dreams and wish list, along with my research and readiness, I put it out in the universe and asked for guidance.


First, I had to motivate myself:


I had conversations with my inner self, using words I had read somewhere: “Choose safe, gentle souls who are willing not to criticize you but to support you in your journey.” Let them be thrilled with you; listen and hear what they’re saying.  Do not dismiss their compliments or encouragement.


  • Ask yourself what makes you feel alive.
  • Avoid balloon poppers (people who do not wish you well).
  • Trust in your instincts!
  • Learn, learn, learn.
  • Know your audience!
  • Ask why others would want you or your product.
  • Be scared, but don’t let fear keep you from trying. Give fear a name, and take away its power.
  • Talk lovingly to yourself.


What I continue to practice is confidence in what I’m doing. I’m always tapping into my creative side. I realize that I love what I do, and this keeps me motivated. It’s important to challenge myself to learn new things. Exposure is a key element to my success as a speaker and artist, and although I work from home, I go to work every day and work with passion!


An artist, life coach and motivational speaker, Dorothy Atkins tells her stories in vivid colors that mimic her work. Many of her images are gleaned from a family of storytellers. Dorothy finds her voice in painting: “I love being deeply moved.” She uses a variety of media to express herself, including acrylic, oil and ink. “Color creates a specific vibration and is an elemental aspect of my work.” Dorothy is a member of Santa Clara County Branch in California. Visit her web site at and her blog at



  1. Thank you for sharing this conversation in such a precise, clear cut manner. Love the term “balloon poppers”…much better than “toxic.” I’m going to check out your website. All the best from the Boca Raton Branch.

    • Great to hear from you and glad that you enjoyed my comments. I am hoping they will be helpful to others in their quest for following their passions. Warm Regards. Dorothy